Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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You can use Outlook to help organize your schedule, set-up meetings, and keep track of
anything that needs to be done by a specii c date or time.
Appointments and meetings
If you need to schedule time for yourself, Outlook considers it an Appointment. If you want
others to participate, it becomes a Meeting.
Creating appointments and setting-up reminders
Follow these steps to create a new appointment in your calendar.
In the Home tab of the ribbon, click New Items > Appointment if you are in the Mail
portion of Outlook, or New Appointment if you are in the Calendar portion of Outlook.
Enter a subject to display in your calendar, such as Dentist Appointment .
Enter the Location of the appointment, such as 123 Main Street, Anytown, NY
Enter a start and end time for the appointment.
To receive a reminder of the meeting at some time before the meeting, click the
reminders button (
), then click Save & Close.
Create a new appointment to set-aside time in your calendar for an activity or event.
Setting-up meetings and inviting attendees
Follow these steps to create a new meeting and invite other participants. The process is almost
identical to creating an appointment, except you invite other participants to the meeting.
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