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In the Home tab of the ribbon, click New Items > Meeting if you are in the Mail
portion of Outlook, or New Meeting if you are in the Calendar portion of Outlook.
Enter a subject to share with participants and to in the calendar, such as Strategic
Planning Session .
Enter the Location of the appointment, such as 3rd l oor conference room .
In the To i eld, enter the email address or contact names you wish to invite to the
meeting. If your colleagues share a group calendar such as Microsoft Exchange, click
Scheduling Assistant to see times when prospective attendees are available for a meeting.
Enter a start and end time for the appointment.
To receive a reminder of the meeting at some time before the meeting, click the
reminders button (
), which will also remind others if they keep the default setting.
Click Send to send the meeting invitation.
As those that you’ve invited respond to the meeting invitation, Outlook keeps track of
who has accepted the meeting request. You will see individual notes indicating who has
accepted or declined the meeting invitation.
Using tasks
You can create an electronic to-do list using Outlook’s tasks.
From the Home tab of the ribbon click New Items > Task. An UntitledTask window
Enter a subject for your task, such as Gather paperwork for tax planning .
Choose a priority, and enter the date you should start the work and the date the project
is due.
Click Save & Close. The task is displayed in the task list, along the right side of the Mail
window. You may need to click the small arrow (<) at the top-right side of the window
for the Tasks to display.
Tasks are listed along the side of the mail window so you can easily keep track of them.
Congratulations, you have i nished this lesson!
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