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Understanding Microsoft Word
In this exercise, you will create a new document from a template and save it to a folder.
To create a new document from template:
Launch Word.
Choose File > New > Sample Templates > Equity Report > Create.
Choose File > Save As and navigate to the Word02lessons folder.
Type the name word0201 in the i lename text i eld, and click Save. Keep this i le open
to use later in the lesson.
Customizing the workspace
To work ei ciently in Word, you can customize the workspace to display or hide elements.
This lets you display the most common items you use for working on your documents. In
this exercise, you will:
Adjust the status bar to display what is visible while you work, such as the page number
and the location of the insertion point.
Revise the Quick Access Toolbar to show the icons for the commands you use most often,
such as Save.
Arrange the ribbon for your editing convenience.
Status bar
Use the status bar to display options you want to use throughout this lesson. The status bar
is located along the bottom of the Word window. The left side of the status bar displays
information that helps you better understand the status of documents on which you are
working. The right part of the status bar shows the view and zoom options.
The Microsoft Word status bar before it is customized.
In this exercise, you will customize the status bar to display formatted page numbers, the
view shortcuts, and the zoom slider.
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