Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Understanding Microsoft Word
Use the ribbon to access commands, such as copy and paste. The ribbon is divided into
tabs, such as Home, and the commands within each tab are separated into groups, such as
A. Ta b. B. Commands. C. Group.
You can minimize the ribbon if you want to focus more on your documents. The ribbon is
displayed by default. If you hide the ribbon, the tabs remain visible so you can still access any
commands you need.
In this exercise, you will discover how to hide the ribbon, and work within the word0201
document using basic ribbon commands.
To hide the ribbon and work with some commands:
Click the Minimize the Ribbon icon ( ) in the upper-right corner; Word hides
the ribbon.
Another way to display the hidden ribbon is to press Ctrl+F1.
In the word0201 document, type Gallery of Art in the Type the document title text
box. Press Tab and, in the Type the document subtitle text box, type Monthly Report .
Type the document title and subtitle in the template.
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