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Understanding Microsoft Word
Formatting using the Ribbon
Now that you have entered the information, you will format the title and subtitle using
the Ribbon commands. You will then save and close the document. First, you will redisplay
the ribbon.
To redisplay the ribbon, click the Expand the Ribbon icon ( ) located above the Ribbon
on the far right.
Click anywhere inside the Monthly Report text to select it. On the Ribbon, in Font
group on the Home tab, select bold and then italics.
Select Bold and Italics from the Font group
to format the subtitle in bold italics.
On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Save to save the document.
It is best to keep the ribbon visible throughout the lessons.
Using the View options
The View options are located on the bottom right side of the status bar.
Use the View options to change between Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout,
Outline, and Draft.
View options allow you to display your document
in dif erent modes.
Print Layout
Displays the whole page of text, graphics, and columns in the window
just as it would look when printed or if converted to a PDF file.
Full Screen Reading
Uses the entire screen to display the document, including print options
and controls, to move through the document for online reading.
Web Layout
Shows how your document will look as a web page.
Displays outline symbols and indentations to show you how a
document is organized and to make it easy to quickly restructure it.
Displays only basic text and none of the formatting like graphics,
columns, and page breaks, so it is easier to concentrate on what you
are writing.
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