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Getting help
In this exercise, you will change how you view the document from the default view, Print
Layout to Draft view. You will then increase the magnii cation.
To switch to Draft view and change the zoom:
Click the Draft icon ( ).
Click the plus or minus control to adjust the zoom to 120%.
You can also use the zoom lever, located between the minus and plus signs, for zooming in
and out.
The zoom lever allows you to control the
magnii cation of the document.
Click File > Save and then File > Close to close the document.
Getting help
You can always i nd help when you need it if you are working in a Word document. You can
click the Help button ( ) located in the upper-right corner of the window, or you can select
Help from the File menu. Use the File menu if you need additional help beyond what you
i nd by searching. The File menu gives you access to the Microsoft Help Desk by email, chat
or phone.
You can access the Help Desk by email, chat or phone to answer
questions not resolved in your search.
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