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Converting Word documents from prior versions to Word 2010
Converting Word documents from prior versions to Word 2010
If you have older Word documents, you can easily convert them to the new Word 2010
format. In this exercise, you will convert a document saved in a previous version of Word to
Word 2010.
To convert an old Word document:
Navigate to Word02lessons and double-click to open the i le named word0202. In
this example, we use a Word 2003 document. Notice that the title bar shows that the
document is open in Compatibility Mode.
Compatibility Mode allows you to work on documents created in versions of Word
prior to 2010. When working in Compatibility Mode, some new Word 2010 functions
may be disabled. As soon as you convert a document to the current version of Word,
Compatibility Mode disappears from the title bar, and the new functions become
available to you.
Compatibility Mode is displayed in the title bar next to the document title.
Click File > Info > Convert. Word displays a dialog box.
Click the checkbox if you do not want Word to display the conversion message again.
Click OK. Notice that Compatibility Mode is no longer visible on the title bar.
Choose File > Save As. Word displays the Save as dialog box. Make sure that i le name is
still word0202 and the location is the Word02lessons folder and click Save.
Choose File > Close.
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