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Opening and editing an existing document
Opening and editing an existing document
In this exercise, you will open and modify two existing documents located in the
Word03lessons folder. One document contains text that you will be copying from and
the other contains a document into which you will be pasting the text and creating the
i nished document.
To open the documents you need for this lesson:
Launch Word.
Choose File > Open, and navigate to the Word03lessons folder.
Press the Ctrl key while you click on the i les word0301 and word0302 to select both.
With both i les selected, click Open.
Keep both documents open, as you will be working with them in the next part of
this exercise.
Word remembers the 25 most recently opened documents. To open any of these documents at a
later point if you decide to stop working or accidentally close the i les, click File > Recent and
select the i le you want to open.
Working with text
Entering and manipulating text is a central part of using Microsoft Word. In this set of
exercises, you will work within two documents. You will discover clipboard options available
when you paste from a source document, and you will change fonts and learn how to
emphasize text. The two documents you opened in the previous steps, word0301 and
word0302, should now be open. You will be working with both of these documents.
Viewing documents
When you need to switch between two open documents, you can use any of three methods:
Press Alt +Tab to switch between open documents.
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