Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Opening and editing an existing document
When you need to view more than one document at a time, use the Window group on the
View tab.
Press Arrange All to view the documents one above the other.
Press View Side by Side to view the documents beside each other.
Use the View tab to easily arrange multiple open windows.
Selecting text
When you want to format or edit text, you must i rst select it. After it is selected, you can
format and modify it to meet your needs. Word uses several easy methods to select sections
of text such as words, sentences, entire documents, and even nonconsecutive text. You will be
selecting and editing text later in this lesson.
Each time you select text, a faded, mini toolbar appears. Place the cursor over the mini
toolbar so you can see it more clearly.
Use the mini toolbar to apply formatting to selected text.
If the mini toolbar disappears before you can select what you need, right-click the text you wish to
edit, and the toolbar reappears.
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