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Opening and editing an existing document
A word about selecting
Block of Text: Position the mouse pointer to the left of the text you want to select. Click and
drag to make the selection.
Single Word : Position the mouse pointer anywhere within the word you want to select.
Double-click to make the selection.
Sentence : Press and hold Ctrl. Click anywhere within the sentence you want to select.
Paragraph : Position the mouse anywhere within the paragraph and triple click.
Entire Document : Choose Home > Select > Select All or move the pointer to the left of any
text until it changes to a right-pointing arrow, and then triple-click.
Nonconsecutive Text : Make a selection. Press Ctrl and hold it down as you select the other
areas you want.
Copying and pasting
In this exercise, you will add words to the title of the article. Then, you will select a block of
text so that you can copy a paragraph from one document and paste into another one.
While you are learning about how to move text between documents, it’s important to
note that Microsoft Word also has features that automate the process of merging edits from
multiple documents into one complete i le. Because the edits for this lesson only apply to a
portion of the text, and because this lesson is focused on fundamental skills, we’ll focus on
copying and pasting at this time.
In the word0301.docx document, place your cursor after the letter s in Pandas and type
of China , so the title reads Pandas of China .
Place your cursor anywhere in the paragraph below the title Habitat .
Click three times to select the paragraph beginning with Pandas and ending with clouds ,
and click Cut in the Ribbon’s Clipboard group.
Switch to the document word0302 by pressing Alt Tab. Place your cursor in the
paragraph located under Habitat .
Triple-click to select the entire paragraph.
Click Copy on the Clipboard in the Home tab, and switch back to the document
word0301, with the title Pandas of China .
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