Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Opening and editing an existing document
Copy and Paste feature
You can use the Copy command several times in a row to copy many items.
Word’s Clipboard can hold 24 items. Once you copy the 25th item, the oldest selection is
removed from the Clipboard and replaced by the newest item.
To paste an item from the Clipboard, place your cursor where you want to insert the copied
item and click the item on the Clipboard you wish to insert. Word inserts the text at the
insertion point.
Be sure to click only once. If you click multiple times, multiple copies will be inserted.
To insert all items on the Clipboard, click the Paste All button located on the top of
the Clipboard.
The Paste All button.
Deleting and closing
When you click the down arrow on the right side of an item on the Clipboard, Word displays a
shortcut menu. Click Delete to remove the items from the Clipboard.
Deleting an item from the clipboard.
Click Clear All at the top of the task pane to delete all items in the Clipboard, but be careful
because you cannot undo the deletion.
Click the X in the upper-right corner of the task pane to close the pane.
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