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Reducing font size
For font size, type and click the Bold icon ( ). 13
For color, click the down-arrow to the right of the Font Color button (
), and select the
orange color in the Theme Colors called Orange Accent 1.
Reducing font size
The remainder of the section of text needs to match the style of the rest of the article. The
text in the article uses Verdana at 11 points, so you will change the text in this section to
match this format.
Place your cursor before the word Early , then click and drag to the word monitoring at the
end of the second paragraph, selecting the rest of the section.
On the mini toolbar, click the Shrink Font icon ( ) reducing the font from 12 points to
11 points in size.
Changing the case
You will now discover how Word can help change the case of text that is incorrectly
Place your cursor before the word Figure under the graphic and click three times,
selecting all the text in the caption (Figure 1: Pandas in the Wild) .
On the Ribbon in the Font group, click the Change Case icon (
). Word displays the
Change Case menu.
Use the Change Case menu to: apply sentence case, change to
lowercase or uppercase, toggle the case, or to capitalize each word.
Click UPPERCASE. The caption appears in all uppercase letters.
Select File > Save As and name the document word0301_done . Select File > Close to
close the document.
In the document word0302, select File > Close.
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