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Emphasizing text
Emphasizing text
In this exercise, you will practice using Word’s character formatting tools to make some text
stand out from the rest of the text in a paragraph. You’ll discover that you can emphasize
text in many ways. You can make a heading bold, italicize the title of a topic, or underline
a word. You might even need to use the subscript and superscript features, so you can write
things like CO 2 or 42 nd street. You can also use the highlight and strikethrough options when
sharing editing ideas. You will also i nd ways to easily remove formatting using the Clear
Formatting tool.
When you want to apply formatting to a character, you must i rst select the character. Refer
to “A Word about Selecting,” discussed earlier in this lesson. After selecting the text to be
formatted, you can apply a special format to a single character, a word, or a phrase.
In this exercise, you will use the word0303 document to practice working with the character
formatting tools. The Font group on the Home tab displays the icons you can use.
Use the Font group on the Ribbon to change the
font in many ways.
Select File > Open.
Navigate to word0303, and then double-click to open the i le.
In sentence number one, place your cursor before Tom Sawyer , then click and drag to
select these two words.
On the Ribbon, click Home, and in the Font group, click the Italics icon to apply italics
to the book title Tom Sawyer.
Place your cursor before the in e=mc2, located in the same sentence, and drag to select 2
the 2.
In the Font group, click the Superscript icon (
) to apply a superscript to the 2 in
Place your cursor before the 2 in H2O, located in sentence number 2, and drag to select
the 2.
In the Font group, click the Subscript icon (
) to apply a subscript to the 2 in H2O.
Place your cursor before the word This in sentence number 3, and triple-click to select
the sentence.
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