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Protect Document options
Protect Document options
Other options to protect your document appear on the Protect Document menu.
Mark as Final
Sets the document to read only.
Encrypt with Password
Requires a password for anyone attempting to open the
Restrict Editing
Controls the type of changes people can make.
Restrict Permission by People
Grants people access without giving them permission to edit,
copy, or print.
Add a Digital Signature
Ensures the integrity of the document by adding an invisible
digital signature.
Self study
Open word0301 and word0302. Try dif erent methods of switching between documents:
Press Alt+Tab to toggle between documents.
Click View > Switch Windows and click a document.
Click the document you want to view on the Word task bar.
Practice selecting a paragraph, a single word, a sentence, an entire document, and some
nonconsecutive text by clicking multiple times in the same location or by clicking and
Select the entire word0301 document and change the font face i rst to Arial, then to
Times New Roman, and i nally back to Verdana.
On the Home tab in the Clipboard group, click the dialog box launcher located on
the lower-right corner of the Clipboard group to make the Clipboard visible. With
word0301 open, make several dif erent selections and copy them, then observe how they
are collected on the Clipboard.
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