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Working with paragraphs
Working with paragraphs
You probably remember from basic grammar classes that a paragraph is a collection of related
sentences dealing with a single topic. Microsoft Word considers a paragraph anything on the
page where the Enter key has been pressed before and after. So it could be a single sentence,
or several sentences. Microsoft Word lets you apply separate left and right margins—the space
along the left and right side of the text, to each paragraph. It also lets you apply space on
top of and below a paragraph—known as space before and after the paragraph. You can also
control alignment, tab stops, and line spacing separately for each paragraph.
As you type a document using Microsoft Word, it creates new paragraphs each time you press
the Enter key.
The Paragraph group in the Home tab is where you can i nd the tools for applying
paragraph formatting.
The Paragraph group..
The Paragraph group helps you quickly format a paragraph. You can:
Apply paragraph alignment
Change line spacing within and between paragraphs
Create bulleted, numbered and multilevel lists
Decrease and increase indent to a paragraph
Apply paragraph borders
Use the Dialog Box Launcher to display the Paragraph dialog box.
The Paragraph group dialog box launcher.
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