Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Working with paragraphs
5 Select the paragraph under the heading Behave this way: by clicking anywhere between
the words Safe and books . Be certain to not click within the headline above this text.
Because you are applying formatting to the paragraph, you don’t need to select the entire
paragraph—Microsoft Word knows to apply formatting to the entire paragraph where
your cursor is inserted.
6 Click the Align Text Left icon ( ) in the Paragraph group.
7 Insert your cursor in the paragraph below the title, Do not behave that way by clicking
anywhere within that paragraph.
8 Click the Align Text Right icon ( ).
9 Click anywhere in the paragraph with the sentence Your best bet , then click the Center
icon ( ).
10 Click on the picture of the road, then click the Center icon.
The document after adjusting the paragraph alignment. A. Justii ed.
B. Left aligned. C. Right aligned. D. Center aligned.
Changing line spacing
This exercise covers setting line spacing between paragraphs and within a paragraph.
One line of space is equal to approximately 12 points.
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