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Working with paragraphs
Numbered and bulleted
In this section, you will create a numbered and bulleted list.
In word0401 at the bottom of page 1, click and drag from Hold the fork , in the second
line, to the end of the list. When you select the text, you may scroll to the top of the next
page; this should not concern you, as long as the text is selected.
Click Home > Paragraph group > Numbering icon ( ).
Click outside the selection to deselect the text and continue working.
Under the heading British Desserts and Puddings, beginning with Apple cake, select the
entire list of desserts.
Click Home > Paragraph group > Bullets icon ( ). Then click anywhere outside the list
to deselect the text.
Multilevel lists
In this exercise, you will recreate the multilevel list on page 3 in word0401.
To create a multilevel list:
Continuing to work in the document word0401, place your cursor at least two lines
below the multilevel list on page 3 and press Enter.
Type British desserts and press Enter.
Click Home > Paragraph group > Multilevel List icon (
Select the bulleted list from the List Library.
Select the bulleted list option.
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