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Indenting paragraphs
Click the Show/Hide icon to hide the formatting marks.
Display rulers
You can also hide or display horizontal and vertical rulers to help you identify the position of
the insertion point, to align text or to set tabs.
To display rulers in your document, if it is not already showing:
In word0402, click View tab found above the Ribbon bar. In the Show group on the
Ribbon, click Ruler.
In the Show group on the Ribbon you can choose to
display the ruler by clicking the Ruler checkbox.
Word displays a ruler at the top and left side of the document. If you do not need the
rulers and want to give yourself more writing space, click the Ruler checkbox again to
hide the rulers.
Indenting paragraphs
You can indent paragraphs from the left and right margins, providing more or less space
along the left and right edge of your text. You can also indent only the i rst line of a
paragraph or all lines except the i rst line of the paragraph.
To indent paragraphs:
In word0402, click and drag to select the paragraph under Nature. Click Home >
Paragraph group dialog box launcher.
In the Indentation group of the Paragraph dialog box, select 0.1 in the Left menu and
select 0.1 in the Right menu. An easy way to do this is by clicking the up arrow once
for each selection or you can type in the text i elds. In North America, the default .1
measurement system is inches, so the indent values and rulers are displayed using inches.
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