Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Indenting paragraphs
In the Special drop-down menu, select First Line, and in the By menu, select 0.3 by
clicking the down arrow twice or typing in .3.
The Paragraph dialog box.
Click OK. You can now see the changes you have made to the paragraph titled Nature .
You have indented the i rst line by 0.3 inches and indented the entire paragraph on the
left and right sides by 0.1 inches.
Click File > Save, then File > Close, to save and close the document.
Special Indentation options
First Line
Indents only the first line of the paragraph
Indents all line except the first line of the paragraph
Setting tabs
Tabs help you organize information in a structured way across a page. You can use them to
align data such as the times listed in a train or ferry schedule.
Tabs can help you:
Line up text
Create lists
Format tables
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