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Choosing a layout
Word applies the page size you set here to all pages in your document unless you divide the
document into sections.You can then use a dif erent page size for each section. To apply a
particular paper size to all sections in the document, click More Paper Sizes.
Choosing a layout
When you select a layout for your document, you have two choices: portrait or landscape.
Portrait, which is the default setting, is longer than it is wide. The landscape setting is wider
than it is long.
The portrait layout is tall.
The landscape layout is wide.
You’ll now set the layout for this document to be landscape.
In the document, on the Page Layout tab in the Page Setup group, click Orientation.
Although the portrait layout is best for most documents, landscape orientation is
more suited to documents that require columns, such as a brochure or newsletter.
Select Landscape. Word displays the page in landscape layout.
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