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Working with Tables
Chapter 5
Working with Columns and Tables
To select a single entire column, position
the mouse pointer at the top of a column
until the mouse turns into a down-pointing
arrow, and then click.
Copy Table
If you want to copy the table instead of
moving it, hold down the Ctrl key as you
drag the table.
To select multiple columns, make sure the
mouse pointer is the down-pointing arrow,
and then drag across multiple columns.
To select a single entire row, position the
mouse pointer at the left of the row column
until the mouse pointer turns into a white,
right-pointing arrow, and then click.
Selecting Table Areas
Often you want to make changes to an entire
column or an entire row. Or perhaps you want to
apply a certain formatting option to the entire
table. Although you could make any desired
changes one cell at a time, Word includes several
methods you can use to select portions of the table
so you can quickly apply any changes to the entire
selection. The following list shows you several ways
to select table cells:
To select multiple rows, make sure the
mouse is the right-pointing white arrow
and then drag across multiple rows.
Select Non-Sequential Cells
When making non-sequential cell selections,
you can include entire rows and entire
columns along with individual cells or
groups of cells.
To select sequential cells, click in the first
cell, then hold down the Shift key and
select the last cell you want. Optionally,
drag the mouse over a group of cells to
select a sequential area. All cells in the
selected area are highlighted.
To select the entire table, click the table
move handle which is the small box in the
upper-left table corner.
To select non-sequential cells, hold down
the Ctrl key and click each additional cell
you want to select. Figure 5-16 shows
non-sequential cells selected and
highlighted in blue.
To clear any selection, click any nonselected
cell or click outside of the table.
Figure 5-16
Selecting cells.
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