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Working with Tables
Chapter 5
Working with Columns and Tables
Merging and Splitting Table
By default, Word creates tables with each cell in a
column the same width as the cell below it.
Sometimes, however, especially if you are creating
a form with your table, you may find some cells
too small. Fortunately, you can combine adjacent
cells to become larger cells. This is especially useful
if you want to create a table header row such as
the one seen in Figure 5-19.
Figure 5-20
Dividing a cell into multiple cells.
Selected cells Merge Cells button
Creating Table Formulas
If you have a complex table with lots of
calculations, consider using Excel to perform the
calculations and then inserting the spreadsheet into
Word. The next section shows you how to
accomplish that. But if you want a simple calculation
such as adding a column of values, go ahead and
let Word do the work for you.
There are two rules you must follow when creating
Word calculations. One is that the entire
calculation must be enclosed in a Word field. Word fields,
which you’ll see how to create shortly, are
displayed with opening and closing curly brackets,
{ and }. The second rule is that all calculations
must begin with an equals sign (=).
Figure 5-19
Merging multiple cells into one larger cell.
Drag across the two or more cells you want to
merge and then choose Table Tools>Layout>
Merge>Merge Cells. The highlighted cells combine
into one larger cell.
You create Word arithmetic formulas using
operators to perform the calculation you want. Table 5-2
shows the mathematic operators used in Word
tables along with an example of each.
If you want to split a cell into smaller cells, you
need to tell Word into how many columns and
rows you want the cell. Click anywhere in the cell
you want to split and choose Table Tools>Layout>
Merge>Split Cells. The Split Cells dialog box seen
in Figure 5-20 appears. Choose how many columns
and rows you want and then click the OK button.
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