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Chapter 6 Using Word for Mail Merge
Using Word for
Mail Merge
Picture yourself opening the mail. On the front of
the envelope it says in big bold letters that “You have won TEN
MILLION DOLLARS.” Then, of course, in teeny tiny print it says “if
you are the lucky winner.” It has your name printed in big letters right
there on the certificate! The funny thing is that each of your neighbors
got exactly the same letter with their name on the envelope and
certificate. Probably millions of exactly the same letter arrived in mailboxes
all around the country.
Although our society has become a little more paperless than just a few
years ago, realistically we still use snail mail for lots of things. We still rely
on the postal service for delivery of our bills, catalogs, Christmas cards, and
lots of other types of correspondence. And let’s not forget the hard working
trash collectors. They might be out of work if it weren’t for all the junk mail
we all receive!
This chapter is all about mail. Creating envelopes, labels, and mass
mailings are all easy tasks when you use Word.
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