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Generating a Single Envelope
Generating a Single Envelope
Because of the automation used
by the post office when sorting mail, it’s
important to make sure the address is clear
and concise. Hand addressed envelopes can easily
be misread by both man and machine and, frankly,
they often look very unprofessional.
From the Envelopes and Labels dialog box,
you can choose an address from your
Outlook contact list. (See Chapter 21 for
information about the Outlook contact list.)
You can copy the address from another
source and then paste it into the Delivery
address box. Use the Ctrl+V keyboard
shortcut to paste the address.
By using Word to address your envelopes, you can
create neat, accurate addresses for both the mailing
address and the return address. You can even add a
bar code that can often speed up delivery time or a
graphic image to personalize your envelope.
Creating the Envelope
When you generate an envelope, Word displays an
Envelopes and Labels dialog box. Obviously, for the
envelope, you’ll need a delivery address. First take
a look at several methods Word uses to obtain a
delivery address:
If you have a letter or other document
already on your screen, you can let Word
automatically find the recipient address and
fill it directly into the Delivery address box.
By far, this is the fastest and easiest
method! See Figure 6-1 for a sample letter
that contains a recipient address.
Figure 6-1
Word can pick up the mailing address from the
current document.
Choose Mailings>Create>Envelopes. The Envelopes
and Labels dialog box seen in Figure 6-2 appears. If
your document contained the mailing address, the
address already appears in the Delivery address
area. If you don’t see the delivery address in the
dialog box, you need to enter the address using
one of the previously listed methods.
You can type the address directly into the
Delivery address box in the Envelopes and
Labels dialog box.
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