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Using Mail Merge
Two terms commonly used with merge data files
are fields and records. A field is an individual piece
of information about someone or something such
as a ZIP code, first name, or product description. A
record is the complete picture of information with
all the fields put together.
Selecting a Data Source
For the data source, you can select from a
preexisting list or you can create a new one using Word. If
you want to choose from an existing file, choose
Mailings>Start Mail Merge>Select Recipients>Use
Existing List (see Figure 6-11). The Select Data
Source dialog box opens. Locate your data file and
choose Open.
Figure 6-11
Selecting an existing data source.
If you have not already created a data source, you
can create it with Word. Following are the steps for
creating a data source in Word:
Choose Mailings>Start Mail Merge>Select
Recipients>Type New List. The New Address
List dialog box appears. Word tries to
anticipate your needs by providing the most
commonly used data fields. You’ll soon see how
you can add extra fields.
Figure 6-10
Possible data sources.
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