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Using Mail Merge
Chapter 6
Using Word for Mail Merge
2. Enter the data for the first recipient. You do
not need to enter data into every field as you
see in Figure 6-12.
Figure 6-13
Customizing data fields.
Figure 6-12
Adding records.
Add: To add additional fields, click the Add
button. As seen in Figure 6-14, Word
prompts you for a name for the new field.
Type the name and click OK.
Moving Around Fields
Use the Tab key to move from one field to
the next, or press Shift+Tab to return to a
previous field.
3. Click the New Entry button, which creates a
blank line for the next recipient. Optionally, as
you press Tab after the last field, Word
automatically adds a line for the next recipient.
Figure 6-14
Adding a new data field.
Delete: To delete an unwanted field, click a
field name and then click the Delete
button. A confirmation message appears. Click
Yes to confirm the deletion.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional
Although Word includes commonly used data
fields, you may need to add your own fields or
remove the predefined fields you don’t want. Click
the Customize Columns button in the New
Address List dialog box. The Customize Address
List dialog box appears, like the one seen in Figure
6-13. Make any desired changes and then click OK.
Here are the options available in the Customize
Address List dialog box:
Rename: To rename a field, click the field
name and then click the Rename button.
Enter the new name in the resulting dialog
box and click OK.
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