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Using Mail Merge
Chapter 6
Using Word for Mail Merge
Inserting Merge Fields
Now that you’ve created the main document and
have selected a data source, the next step is to
enter the merge fields (also called merge codes)
into the main document, thereby instructing Word
exactly where you want those data fields placed.
Since Word recognizes the individual fields—includ-
ing name, address, city, state, and ZIP—as part of
the address block, using the address block saves
you the steps of inserting each of those fields
individually. You can, however, choose the style of
address block you prefer. Click on the various
address formats and review in the preview panel
just how your data looks with each format.
You have the option of placing a group of fields
together or choosing the individual fields you want
to enter. The field groups come in the two forms.
The first group is for an Address Block which
consists of the following fields: Title, First Name, Last
Name, Company Name, Address Line 1, Address
Line 2, City, State, and ZIP Code. The second group
is for the Greeting Line, which includes a greeting
such as “Dear” or “To,” followed by the First Name
and Last Name, and then a punctuation choice
such as a comma.
Match Up Fields
If the fields in your address block don’t
match your data, you can manually pair
them together. For example, if you expect to
see someone’s first name, but instead you
see their country, click the Match Fields
button to identify and match the fields.
Adding an Address Block
Begin by adding an Address Block. In the main
document, click the insertion point where you want the
recipient name and address. Choose Mailings>Write
& Insert Fields>Address Block. The Insert Address
Block dialog box appears, as seen in Figure 6-16.
Click OK when you’ve decided on the format you
want. Word returns to the main document and
inserts a field <<AddressBlock>> at the insertion
point. This is a hidden code to Microsoft Word.
Don’t try to just type <<AddressBlock>>.
Selecting a Greeting Line
Most form letters also include a personalized
greeting. Use the Greeting Line field box to assist you.
Begin by positioning the insertion point where you
want the greeting line, usually two lines under the
Address Block. Choose Mailings>Write & Insert
Fields>Greeting Line. The Insert Greeting Line
dialog box appears (see Figure 6-17).
Match Fields button
Figure 6-16
Setting options for an address block.
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