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Chapter 7 Discovering Word Tools
Word Tools
Picture yourself as a skilled craftsperson —a
carpenter, for example. Whether you’re building a bird house or a
beach house, you know you need to use the right tools to get the
job done. So it is with Microsoft Word. Different tasks require different
tools, and it’s important to use the right tool for the job.
Up to this point, you’ve used quite a few of the basic Word features. This
chapter is sort of a hodgepodge of some additional tools provided with
Word that can make your word-processing tasks easier and faster, and
help improve the quality of your writing. Besides looking at tools for
speed and quality, you’ll also review features you might use to finish up a
project such as printing or e-mailing a document. You’ll also take a look
at document security and how you can better protect your work.
As you work with Word, you may find you use some of the tools a lot and
other tools very seldom, but as you proceed with your Word documents,
at some time I’m sure you’ll find yourself looking at your screen and
thinking, “Aha! I can use the [ xxxx ] feature to accomplish this.”
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