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Employing Tools for Quality
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
As with spelling errors, Word identifies potential
grammatical errors by placing a green wavy line
under the questionable text. Right-click on the
questionable word or phrase to display a shortcut
menu with suggested grammatical corrections.
Click the appropriate option and Word replaces
the incorrect word or phrase with your selection.
Sometimes, however, Word cannot provide a
suggestion; in those cases, you need to correct the
error yourself.
Word displays the Spelling and Grammar
dialog box seen in Figure 7-2, referencing the
first error, whether spelling or grammar.
Keyboard Shortcut
Optionally, press F7 to launch the Spelling
and Grammar check.
Check for Yourself
Do not rely on Word’s spell check and
grammar features to catch all your errors. The
tools are very helpful, but they are far from
perfect and can miss many items. They can
also flag items as errors that really are okay
and can suggest wrong ways to fix both real
problems and false errors. You alone are the
one who knows what you want your
document to say. Proofread it yourself!
Figure 7-2
Using the Spelling and Grammar check to improve
your document.
Running a Spelling and Grammar Check
If you don’t want to correct items as you type,
Word can run a spelling and grammar check at the
same time. Running the spell and grammar check
also provides additional options for dealing with
incorrect items. Use the following steps:
3. If the error is a spelling error, do one of the
Ignore Once: Click this if you don’t want
to correct this instance of the spelling.
Ignore All: Click this if you don’t want
to correct any instances of the spelling.
Position the insertion point at the beginning
of the document to check the entire
document. If you want to check only a portion of
the text, select the text first.
Add to Dictionary: Choose this to add
the word to the dictionary so that in the
future Word won’t flag it as an error.
2. Choose Review>Proofing>Spelling and
Grammar. If there are no errors in the
document, a message box appears advising you
that the checks are complete; otherwise,
Change: Choose a word from the
Suggestion list and then click Change,
which changes just this incident of the
spelling mistake.
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