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Employing Tools for Quality
Change All: After selecting a
replacement from the Suggestion list, choose
Change All if you think you could have
made the same mistake more than once.
Ignore Rule: Click this option to ignore
all instances of the same grammatical
problem type.
Next Sentence: Click this option to
skip the error and continue the check.
All instances of the same error are
AutoCorrect: After making a selection
from the Suggestion list, click this
option to add the unknown word and
the correction as an AutoCorrect entry.
If you make the same misspelling in a
future document, Word automatically
changes it to the correction.
Change: Choose an option from the
Suggestion list and then click Change,
which changes just this incident of the
grammatical mistake.
4. If the error is a grammatical error, such as you
see in Figure 7-3, take one of these actions:
Explain: Click this option to launch an
article that explains the error and offers
suggestions for avoiding the error.
Don’t Check Grammar
5. When all potential mistakes are identified,
Word notifies you that the spelling and
grammar check is complete. Click the OK button.
If you don’t want Word to check grammar,
remove the check mark from the Check
Grammar option.
Changing Spelling Options
Word provides quite a few options for both the
spelling and grammar correction features. For
example, if you don’t want Word to check your
spelling or your grammar as you type, you can turn
off the feature. Click the File tab and choose
Options. Click the Proofing option.
Check Grammar
From the Proofing section, as seen in Figure 7-4,
you can set or turn off any desired proofing
options. Some of the options apply to all Office
2010 applications and some apply only to
Microsoft Word. There are even a few options that
apply only to the current document.
Figure 7-3
Catching grammatical mishaps.
Ignore Once: Click this option if you
don’t want to change this instance of
the grammatical problem.
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