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Employing Tools for Quality
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Show readability statistics
Figure 7-5
Viewing document statistics.
Figure 7-4
Setting proofing options.
Finding Elusive Words with the
A key to good writing is using words that add
interest and flair. However, remember that you
need words appropriate for your audience. If you
are addressing a group of grade school children,
you’ll use simpler words than if you are writing
your college thesis. If you need a little help finding
just the right word, try using Word’s thesaurus.
Readability Statistics
From the Options window, click the Show
Readability Statistics check box, and after
running a Spelling and Grammar check,
Word displays statistics such as the number
of words, characters, paragraphs, and
sentences, as well as average words per
sentences or the readability grade level. See
Figure 7-5 for an example.
Click anywhere in the word you want replaced and
then choose Review>Proofing>Thesaurus.
Optionally, press Shift+F7 to launch the thesaurus.
A Research pane similar to the one seen in Figure
7-6 appears on the right side of the screen and
displays various meanings of the current word and
possible replacements. If you don’t see the exact
word you want, click a similar word, which displays
its synonyms. Click the Back button to return to
the previous word. When you locate the word that
best fits your document, click the arrow next to it
and choose Insert. Word replaces the current word
with your selection.
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