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Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Find Options arrow
Starting Point
The Find command begins its search at the
location of the insertion point.
3. The Navigation Pane also lists the other
occurrences of the searched text. Click any
occurrence to instantly jump to the text. If
you want to discontinue the search, simply
close the Navigation Pane.
Figure 7-8
Specifying search options.
Exact Find
Take a brief look at the most commonly used
Unless you specify whole words (see the next
section), Word locates any instance
containing the letters you specify. For example, if
you enter read in the Find box, Word also
locates words like bread or reading.
Match Case: Check this to locate instances
that match the upper- and lowercase letters
as you entered in the Find box. For
example, if you typed Go, Word will not locate
go or GO.
Extending Search Options
If you need to be a little more specific about what
you’re searching for, Word provides a number of
extended options to assist you.
Find Whole Words Only: Check this to
locate instances of the entire words only. For
example, if you enter read in the Find box,
Word will ignore words like bread or reading.
Use Wildcards: Check this to use the
wildcards ? or * in your search. The ? character
matches any single character and the *
character matches any number of characters.
For example, if you enter b?d in the Find
box, Word finds bad, bed, or bidding, but
not bread. If you enter b*d, Word locates
words like bad, bed, abide, bidding, bread,
bored, and so forth.
Open the Navigation Pane by choosing
Home>Editing>Find, or press the Ctrl+F keys and
in the search text box, type the word or phrase for
which you want to search. Click the Find Options
arrow next to the text box which displays a menu
like the one you see in Figure 7-8. Choose Options
which displays the Find Options dialog box you
also see in Figure 7-8, and then selecting the
options you want. Click OK when you are finished
and Word continues the search using the options
you selected.
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