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Figure 7-12
Entering Find and Replace text.
Figure 7-11
Searching for special characters.
Replace with Nothing
Using Replace
If you want to locate some particular text and
change it to something else, let Word do it for you
with the Replace feature. The Replace feature is
very similar to the Find function you just
discovered. You can locate text and replace it with
different text, or you can locate text and replace it with
the same or different text, but perhaps with
different formatting. Follow these simple steps:
To delete the “found” text, leave the Replace
With text box empty. Word will replace the
found text with nothing.
4. Specify any additional search or replace
options such as matching case or a particular
5. Click Find Next. Word locates the first match.
Choose Home>Editing>Replace, or press
Ctrl+H. The Find and Replace dialog box
appears with the Replace tab on top.
6. Choose one of the following:
Click Replace if this is the text you want
to change. Word replaces the text and
locates the next occurrence.
2. In the Find What text box, enter the text you
want to search for.
Click Replace All to replace all
occurrences of the found text with the
replacement text. Word displays a
dialog box indicating how many
occurrences it replaced. (See Figure 7-13.)
3. Click in the Replace With text box and type a
replacement word or phrase (see Figure 7-12).
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