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Applying Tools for Speed
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Click Find Next to skip making changes
on this occurrence and locate the next
Word notifies you when no more occurrences
of the search text exist. Click OK to close the
message box and click Cancel to close the
Find and Replace dialog box.
Figure 7-13
Using the Replace All command.
Use with Caution
Use the Replace All button cautiously.
Remember that Word takes you very literally.
Make sure the Find and Replace options are
exactly as you want them.
Applying Tools for Speed
Word includes a number of tools
that help speed up the process of
creating and editing documents—tools that
can locate mistakes and correct them
automatically, tools that do your typing for you, and tools that
let you quickly make changes in your document.
Bookmarks are useful for electronic
reading only and do not affect a printed
Creating Bookmarks
Just like you use a bookmark to mark a certain
place in a book, electronic bookmarks identify
specified text locations for future reference. As an
example, you might use a bookmark to help you
quickly jump to certain topics in your document.
Place the insertion point where you want to create a
bookmark and choose Insert>Links>Bookmark. The
Bookmark dialog box seen in Figure 7-14 appears.
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