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Generating Text with Building
Are you tired of typing your address over and over
when composing letters? Or, do you have a standard
phrase that you need to frequently add to your
documents? Word provides a couple of methods you
can use to quickly add the text into your document.
The first method is using Word’s AutoCorrect
function, which you discovered in Chapter 2, “Getting
Started with Word.” Not only can you add words
and symbols, you can generate a text paragraph or
even a graphic with your signature. The only
problem is that the AutoCorrect function limits each
entry to 255 characters.
Office 2010 is designed to be modular, so it uses a
function called Building Blocks that are divided
into 14 galleries. Think of building blocks as
recycled material. You’ve already been introduced to
some of the building blocks when you discovered
some of the built-in options in Headers, Footers,
Page Numbering, and Quick Tables. Take a brief
look at some of the different building block
galleries and what type of element each gallery holds:
Figure 7-19
The Cubicles cover page.
Quick Parts: Holds miscellaneous building
blocks that don’t fit any other gallery.
Equations: Holds predefined equations
Footers: Holds a number of predefined
footers that appear at the bottom of the page.
AutoText: Holds small text entries or
graphics that you want to use again, such as a
standard contract clause or a mission statement.
Headers: Holds a number of predefined
headers that appear at the top of the page.
Bibliography: Holds text in the form of a
reference list of works by author, subject, or
other relevant information.
Page Numbers: There are four page
number galleries that hold predefined page
numbers—some at the current location,
some at the bottom or top of the page, and
some in the margins.
Cover Pages: Holds preformatted cover
pages such as those you might use for
reports. Figure 7-19 illustrates one of the
sample Cover Page building blocks.
Table of Contents: Holds predefined tables
of contents that are created based on
heading styles in the document.
Tables: Holds a series of predefined tables
such as those in the Quick Tables.
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