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Applying Tools for Speed
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Text Box: Holds predefined text box
layouts and formatting.
2. Choose Insert>Text>Quick Parts>Building
Blocks Organizer. The Building Blocks
Organizer appears.
Watermarks: Holds several predefined
watermarks such as Draft, Do Not Copy, or
Confidential. Watermarks are in light gray
shading and appear in the background of a
document such as you see in Figure 7-20.
3. Click a building block to display a preview on
the right side, such as you see in Figure 7-21.
Figure 7-21
Click the Building Block Organizer to see a preview.
Sorting Building Blocks
Click any building block column heading to
sort the building blocks by that column.
Figure 7-20
A watermark building block.
Inserting Building Blocks
Now that you see all the different types of
building blocks, take a look at how to insert any of the
existing blocks into your document. Just follow
these steps:
4. Click the Insert button. Word inserts the
building block into your document.
Position the insertion point where you want
to insert the building block.
Some building blocks prompt you to insert
text such as your company name or a
document title. Click the placeholder and type the
appropriate text.
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