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Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
When creating a footnote, Word automatically adds
a number or a character to mark the reference as
well as a separating line. If you have both
footnotes and endnotes in a document, Word numbers
them independently.
Note Tips
If you position the mouse pointer over the
note reference mark in the body of the
document, the note text will appear in a box
similar to a ScreenTip.
Position the insertion point where you want the
note reference mark to appear and choose
References>Footnotes>Insert Footnote. The
insertion point drops to the bottom of the screen where
you can cite the actual reference (see Figure 7-29).
As you create additional notes, Word numbers the
references sequentially. In this example, I
highlighted the reference mark and the citation to
make it easier for you to see.
Copying Notes
Sometimes you will refer to a source more than
once in a document. Fortunately, as another
timesaving measure, you don’t have to retype the text
for the footnote; you can copy and paste it into a
new location. Word will renumber all the notes
affected by the change. Follow these steps:
Footnote reference mark
Select the note reference mark of the
footnote or endnote that you plan to copy. The
reference mark is highlighted.
2. Choose Home>Clipboard>Copy. It won’t look
like anything happened, but Word is keeping
track for you.
3. Position the insertion point at the location
for the duplicated note.
4. Choose Home>Clipboard>Paste. The note
reference mark of the copied footnote or
endnote appears in the original and new
location, and the footnote or endnote
appears in the footnote or endnote text area
with the correct numbering. In Figure 7-30,
footnote number 2 was duplicated and now
also appears as footnote number 4.
Figure 7-29
Creating footnotes.
Create Endnote
If you want an endnote instead of a footnote,
choose References>Footnotes>Insert Endnote.
Word jumps to the end of the document
where you can cite your reference.
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