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Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Converting a Footnote to an
What happens if you create footnotes throughout
your report and then decide that you should have
used endnotes? Word can convert footnotes to
endnotes and endnotes to footnotes, thereby
saving you the headache of retyping each entry.
In the reference area at the bottom of the page or
at the bottom of the document, locate and
highlight the reference you want to change. Right-click
the reference and choose Convert to Endnote or
Convert to Footnote, depending on which
reference you currently selected (see Figure 7-31).
Figure 7-30
Duplicate footnotes without retyping them.
Moving Notes
You can move a footnote or endnote to a new
location, and Word will renumber all of the notes
affected by the move. Select the note reference
mark of the note that you plan to move. If you
want to move any surrounding document text
along with the reference number, highlight it as
well. Choose Home>Clipboard>Cut and then
position the insertion point at the location for the
duplicated note. Choose Home>Clipboard>Paste.
The note reference mark of the copied footnote or
endnote appears in the new location, and the
footnote or endnote appears in the footnote or
endnote text area with the correct numbering.
Figure 7-31
Converting a footnote to an endnote.
Delete Notes
Delete a footnote or endnote by highlighting
and deleting the note reference mark, not by
deleting the footnote or endnote. After
pressing the Delete key, Word deletes the note
reference mark and the footnote or endnote in
the text area and then renumbers all the
notes affected by the deletion.
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