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Working with Outlines
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Click anywhere in the line you want to change
and click the promote or demote button, or you can
click the current Outline Level drop-down menu and
choose from the resulting list seen in Figure 7-34.
Body Text
If you want to add text to your outline that
isn't really an outline heading, you create
body text. Typically, body text elaborates
more on the outline level heading directly
above it. You create body text by using the
Outlining tab. Type the text you want as
body text and click Outlining>Outline
Tools>Demote to Body Text.
As you organize your thoughts and ideas in an
outline, you might change your mind and want to
cover a topic earlier than originally planned. You
can move selected headings along with any
associated subheadings and body text up or down to any
location in your outline. Click the Heading icon of
the section you want to move and either click the
Move Up button or click the Move Down button.
The selected section moves up or down one line
with each click of the button.
Figure 7-34
Choosing a new level.
Promote Heading
The Outlining tab on the Ribbon also contains
a button with double arrowheads pointing
left. Click that button to quickly promote the
current line to a Heading 1, the highest level.
Promoting or Demoting
A Level 1 heading is the highest level in an outline
and a Level 9 heading is the lowest. To change the
heading level of existing text, place the insertion
point anywhere in the line you want to promote
and press the Tab key, or use the Shift+Tab key to
demote or promote the text. Optionally, you can
use the Outlining tab on the Ribbon to demote or
promote your text.
Viewing the Outline
While in Outline view, you can expand or collapse
the various levels to view only the portions you want
to see. For example, you can view headings only to
get an overview of the entire document, thereby
helping you further organize your thoughts.
Additionally, you can turn the formatting display on
or off. Word includes several areas on the Outlining
tab to assist you with viewing your outline.
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