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Working with Outlines
On the outline body, double-click the
Heading button that looks like a circle
with a plus sign in it. If the Heading
button has a minus sign, there are no
subheadings or body text under that heading;
however, a plus sign indicates additional items.
Word collapses the body text and
subheadings of the first level below the currently
selected heading, or, if the heading is
already collapsed, Word expands the first
heading level below the currently selected
heading. Each double-click will collapse or
expand additional headings.
Figure 7-35
Displaying only the levels you want to view.
Open Headings
Optionally, double-click a Collapse and Expand
icon to fully open the selected heading.
Show All
Click Show All Levels to view the entire
From the Outlining tab on the Ribbon,
the Outline Tools group, click the Show
Level down arrow, which displays a
dropdown menu of heading options. Select a
level and Word displays only the headings at
the level you chose and those that are
higher. For example, as shown in Figure 7-35, if
you select Show Level 2, both Level 1 and
Level 2 headings appear but not Level 3
Choose Outlining>Outline Tools>Show
First Line Only. The outline display toggles
between displaying all the body text or only
the first line of each body text paragraph.
Choose Outlining>Outline Tools>Show
Text Formatting. The outline view toggles
between displaying the outline with or
without character formatting. Figure 7-36
illustrates the outline without text formatting.
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