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In Depth Information
Keeping Documents Secure
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Close Outline View
Choose Outlining>Close>Close Outline View
to close the outline and return to Print
Layout view.
When you print an outline, Word prints
the outline in its entirety as it displays in
Print Layout view, without the indentation
you see in Outline view.
Figure 7-36
Viewing an unformatted outline.
Keeping Documents Secure
Many documents contain data
that is confidential in nature, such as
business plans or personal diaries. In
today’s world of electronic snooping, it’s up to you
to protect your work against prying eyes. Even if
you allow others to view your documents, you may
want to prevent accidental or intentional changes.
Fortunately, Word provides several security tools
including password protection.
previously edited the document, file locations, and
even e-mail addresses. You may not want others to
have access to this information. Fortunately, you
can eliminate the metadata by using the
Document Inspector.
If you are collaborating with others using features
such as comments or tracked changes, you may
not want to remove the metadata until the
collaboration is complete. Typically, you run the
Document Inspector just prior to publication.
Inspecting for Personal
Many Word documents contain metadata , which is
somewhat hidden information that others could
see—data such as the names of people who have
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