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Keeping Documents Secure
First save your file and then click the File tab and
from the Info document panel, choose Check for
Issues. From the drop-down menu that appears,
choose Inspect Document. You see the Document
Inspector dialog box shown in Figure 7-37.
Figure 7-38
The Document Inspector reveals potential
problem areas.
Restricting Formatting
If you apply a file password (which you’ll see how
to do later in this chapter), with the right password
you or others can open or modify the document. If
you can modify a document, you can modify any
portion of it—content or formatting. One method
of protection you can apply is to protect the
document against formatting changes. Then, before
someone can change the document appearance,
they must first enter a password. Follow these
steps to lock-in document formatting:
Figure 7-37
Inspecting your document for personal information.
Deselect any options you do not want to check and
click the Inspect button. Word inspects the
document for various types of potential personal
information. When the inspection is complete, the
Document Inspector reappears with information as
seen in Figure 7-38.
Click the Remove All button next to any option
you want removed. Word removes the selected
information and the Remove All button next to the
option disappears. Repeat this for any additional
items you want to remove. When finished, click the
Close button and resave your file.
Choose Review>Protect>Restrict Editing. A
Restrict Formatting and Editing pane opens
on the right side of the screen as seen in
Figure 7-39.
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