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Keeping Documents Secure
Chapter 7
Discovering Word Tools
Enter an optional password and then reenter
the password to confirm it. The password you
type appears as a series of black dots.
8. Click OK. Notice how any Ribbon option that
affects formatting becomes unavailable.
If you want to make any formatting changes, you
must first, from the Restrict Formatting and
Editing pane, click the Stop Protection button. If
you don’t see the Restrict Formatting and Editing
pane, choose Review>Protect>Protect Document.
You must then enter the password to stop the
protection and allow formatting changes.
Marking a Document as Final
To protect your document against accidental
changes, Word includes a feature called Mark as
Final. After choosing the option, the document
cannot be changed unless you choose the Mark as Final
option again, which then allows document changes.
Figure 7-39
Stop unwanted formatting changes.
2. Click the Limit Formatting to a Selection of
Styles check box.
Click the File tab and from the Info document
panel, in the first section, click the Protect
Document button. From the resulting drop-down
menu, choose Mark as Final. A confirmation
message appears. Click OK. Next, another confirmation
message appears as you see in Figure 7-40. Click
OK to that message also.
3. Click the Settings link. The Formatting
Restrictions dialog box appears (also seen in
Figure 7-39). By default, changes to any
styles are allowed.
4. Click the None button. All choices are
deselected; however, if you do want to allow
formatting changes to a particular style, you can
recheck that style name.
5. Click the OK button. If you get a message
box saying “This document may contain
formatting or styles that aren’t allowed. Do you
want to remove them?” click No.
Figure 7-40
Disable editing by marking a document as final.
6. From the Restrict Formatting and Editing
pane, click the third option: Yes, Start
Enforcing Protection. The Start Enforcing
Protection dialog box appears.
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