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Keeping Documents Secure
Marking a document as final disables every option
in the Ribbon that could change the document in
any way. A bar appears across the top of the
window (see Figure 7-41) indicating the document is
marked as final and if you attempt to make any
changes, Word simply ignores you. The document
title bar also shows the document as (Read-Only).
Click the File tab and choose Save As.
2. Optionally, select a different folder in which
to save the file.
3. Enter a file name if you haven’t already
assigned a name.
4. Choose Tools>General Options (see Figure
Edit Anyway button
Figure 7-41
Opening a document marked as final.
This feature is easily bypassed. Suppose you need
to change a date in the document or you forgot to
list a particular item. You can “unmark” the
document from being final by simply clicking the Edit
Anyway button.
Figure 7-42
Choosing general file options.
5. From the General Options dialog box, click
the Read-Only recommended check box
Saving a File as Read-Only
If your goal is to prevent accidental changes either
by you or others, one of the easiest methods is to
save the file with a read-only recommendation.
When a file is read-only, you can still make changes
to the document, but the only way you can save
those changes is to save the file to a different file
name or folder.
6. Click the OK button, which returns you to
the Save As dialog box.
Click the Save button.
When you or another user attempts to re-open the
file, the message shown in Figure 7-43 is displayed.
Click Yes to open the File as a Read-Only file. If you
choose No, the file opens as a standard file where
changes can be made.
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