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Printing and Publishing
Optionally, you can leave the Password to Open
box empty and enter a password in the Password
to Modify text box. Using this option allows others
to open the file, but they cannot make any
changes without keying in the password. Click OK
and a message box appears prompting you to
reenter the passwords just in case you typed them
incorrectly the first time. Reenter the passwords as
prompted and click OK; then, click the Save button
to save the password security.
Figure 7-45
Enter the required password to open the file.
Use Separate Passwords
Remove Passwords
If you want to use both a password to open
and a password to modify, it’s a good idea to
use different passwords for each function.
To remove file passwords, from the General
Options dialog box, delete the characters
from the Password to Open or Password to
Modify text box and resave the file.
When you or anyone opens the file, they are
prompted to enter the password (see Figure 7-45).
Printing and Publishing
You did it! You created a great document,
and now it’s time to use it. With the
adoption of e-mail within most corporations and
homes, many documents today might never be
printed on paper—they may only ever exist in an
electronic form; however, there may still be times
when you need a paper copy. This section shows
you how to distribute your document both on
paper and electronically.
Using Print Preview
Before you print your document, you should
preview it on the screen so you can sit back and look
at how document layout settings such as the
margins will look in the printed document. In Print
Preview, although you can only view the document
and cannot edit it, you can tell quite a bit about it
from a different perspective. The following steps
walk you through the Print Preview process:
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