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Printing and Publishing
Take a look at a few of the printing options:
E-Mailing a Document
If you have e-mail access, you can send a document
directly to another person. Word copies the
content of the document as an attachment to an
email message. Although many e-mail applications
work fine with this feature, Office works best with
Outlook and Outlook Express.
Copies : Select the number of copies you
want to print.
Printer: If you are connected to more
than one printer, you can select which
printer you want to use from the Name
drop-down menu.
With the document open and ready to send, click
the File tab and choose Save & Send>Send Using
EMail. Then click the Send as Attachment button.
Word launches your e-mail application with the file
listed as an attachment. Type the recipient’s e-mail
address or click the To button to select from your
Outlook Contact List (see Chapter 21, “Working
with Outlook Contacts”). Word automatically adds
the document name as the subject, but you can
click the Subject text box and change the subject.
Optionally, type a message in the message body
(see Figure 7-48). Click the Send button when you
are finished.
Settings: Determine which pages you want
to print. If you highlight a document area
before you display the Print dialog box, you
can choose Selection to print only that area.
If you want to print only selected pages,
enter into the Pages text box the page
numbers separated by a comma or a dash. For
example to print only the first three
document pages, enter 1, 2, 3 or 1-3. Other
settings include options such as margins,
paper size, or collating options. The last
option (pages per sheet) determines how
many document pages you want to print on
a single sheet of paper. The formatting and
document page layouts do not change;
Word simply reduces the size of each
printed page to fit the number of pages that you
select. This feature is helpful as an overview
or handout document.
Choose any desired options and then click the
Print button to begin printing.
Figure 7-48
E-mailing a Word document as an attachment.
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