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Chapter 8 Creating a Basic Worksheet
Creating a Basic
Picture yourself staring out across the horizon.
As you view the sun reflecting on the crystalline water, you
are contemplating a decision you must make. You’re
probably making a mental list about the decision, listing the pros in
one column and the cons in another column.
Welcome to Excel, the most powerful and popular spreadsheet
program in the world. “What is a spreadsheet program?” you
may ask. Well, it’s a computer program that features a huge
grid designed to display data in rows and columns. You use it
to perform calculations, sort large amounts of data, and extract
information that meets criteria you specify, all of which can
help you make better decisions. Whether you need a list of
names and addresses or a document to calculate next year’s
sales revenue based on prior years’ performance, Excel is the
application you want to use.
But every Excel task you tackle begins with a blank sheet. And
that’s where this chapter begins—with a blank sheet. This chapter
begins with the basics of Excel.
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