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Exploring the Excel Window
Table 8-1 Excel Movement Keystrokes
Using the Go To Command
You just discovered that you can press the F5 key
to display the Go To dialog box. You can use the Go
To command to jump to a specific cell or area of
the worksheet. The Ribbon command for executing
the Go To command is Home>Editing>Find &
Select>Go To. The Go To dialog box is displayed. In
the Reference box, enter the address of the cell you
want to go to and then click the OK button (see
Figure 8-4). The Go To box also displays any
recently accessed cells and range names in the current
Arrow keys
Moves one cell at a time
up, down, left, or right
Page Down
Moves one screen down
Page Up
Moves one screen up
Moves to column A of the
current row
Moves to cell A1
Moves to the lower-right
cell of the worksheet
that contains formatting
or data
Ctrl+Arrow key
Moves to the beginning
or end of a row or column
Ctrl+Page Down
Moves to the next work
sheet (see Figure 8-3)
Ctrl+Page Up
Moves to the previous
Displays the Go To dialog
Figure 8-4
The Go To dialog box.
Case Doesn’t Matter
Cell addresses are not case sensitive.
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