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Entering Excel Data
Current cell contents
Figure 8-6
Entering values.
Figure 8-5
Labels appear aligned to the left side of the cell.
As you can see, Excel drops the leading and trailing
zeros. For example, if you enter the value of 0123,
Excel sees it as 123. If you enter 123.40, Excel
displays it as 123.4. The trailing zero is not lost; it
simply doesn’t display.
Entering Values
Values are the raw numbers that you track in a
worksheet. When you enter a value, you don’t need
to enter commas or dollar signs. In Chapter 10,
“Making Your Worksheet Look Good,” you’ll learn
how to let Excel do that for you.
Enter Value as Label
To enter a value as a label, type an
apostrophe (’) character before the number. The
apostrophe character tells Excel to treat the
information as a label instead of a value.
Click on the cell in which you want to place the
value and type the numerical values. Press Enter to
accept the value. Excel enters the value into the
cell and aligns it along the right cell edge (see
Figure 8-6).
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