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Editing a Worksheet
Chapter 8
Creating a Basic Worksheet
Editing a Worksheet
When you create a worksheet,
a lot of data entry is usually involved.
Excel has features to assist you with some
of the repetitive work, but unfortunately you’ll
probably still make mistakes. You may need to edit
the entries you made in some cells, and you may
want to make changes to the construction of your
worksheet. Excel includes the ability to reorganize
your worksheet without having to reenter any data.
Insertion point
Editing Cell Data
You can edit your data in a variety of ways. You
might need to change the contents of a cell or
delete its current content. If you enter data into a
cell and later decide you do not want the
information in the worksheet, you can delete the entire
contents of a cell by pressing the Delete key or by
choosing Home>Editing>Clear>Clear Contents.
Figure 8-12
Edit cell contents without having to start over.
There are several methods you can use to edit cell
data. One simple method of changing cell content is
to select the cell and type the new data. When you
type the new data and press Enter, it replaces the
current cell content. Optionally, you can use the Edit
feature. You’ll find the Edit feature very useful if your
cell has a lot of information in it and you need only
to change a few characters. In some situations,
editing may be faster than retyping the entire cell
contents. Follow these steps to edit the cell contents:
Keyboard Shortcut
Optionally, press F2 to launch the Edit mode.
2. Press the arrow key until the insertion point
is located where you need to make a change.
3. Type the changes, whether adding new
characters or pressing Backspace or Delete to
remove existing characters. As you type, the
changes appear in the current cell.
Double-click the cell you want to edit. The
insertion point blinks within the cell and the
status bar indicates you are in Edit mode (see
Figure 8-12).
4. Press the Enter key to accept the changes.
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